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high pit wilma :- Pity Maggie hadn't been on a visit ti the pit, she might have come across some good fortune- under this lot.....!-The surface buildings were flattened within days of final closure...they could'nt wait ti put the nail in the miners coffin....

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Bates Pit by High Pit Wilma

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BigLoada :- You really don't like Thatcher do you! I love your comments!

sparty lea :- In a world short of energy, sterilising millions of tons of coal reserves the way she did was criminal!

rigobonzo :- Conveniently Thatch now has dementia...pitty that.

high pit wilma :- I didn't know that,can she not cross a busy road in London,or somewhere,and forget that there's traffic on the road..............i think the crows and magpies wouldn't even think of her as roadkill......... [if you get my jist...!!] 
Miners died as a direct consequense of her actions.We won't forget...
I make no apology for getting wound up at the mention of IT'S name...

hoggy03 :- My dad feels the same way, she has blood on her hands that will never wash off, thanks to her i cant follow in my family's footsteps of coal mining without moving to yorkshire or the midlands, coal stopped being king thanks to her and the rest of her goverment may they burn in hell all of them.

BigLoada :- Thanks Hoggy,when the time eventually does come,and it will,to go for coal again,they'll have to bring chinese or other ethnic miners in to train our lads,cos my generation will soon be gone.
Sure,young lads of the future will learn ultra-modern machines,like breathing,but it takes a lifetime of handed-down experience to know how to read strata,and understand how it talks to you.....your Dad will confirm that point......
Oh,and like i've said elsewhere in my set,when they DO get back down there,maybe a hundred years time,what an Aladin's cave of machinery they will find,and surely someone in the government of the day will seek to dispel maggi's "heroic" actions,in costing the nations economy,to defeat the miners,at all costs.
I said it in 1984,near the end of the strike,that if we had been able to hold out a bit longer,
i'm positive that she would have put a curfew on us,with armed soldiers on the streets,like they did with the Polish[?]miners in the 60's..i think it was....Dad might remember more about that, and also Mcgregor had armed military units out on miners in the U.S., with lots of miners killed.[That's why she[IT] sent for him to come and beat the hell out of us.
I'll go to my grave with memories of those two,and i expect to see them in hell!!
Aal thi best ti ye and Russel,and aal ya family,give Russ my regards!
This is High Pit Wilma,by thi way,using Big Loada's laptop,and i divvent knaa hoo ti "switch user" ti my account!!!!!

hoggy03 :- Hi Bill when did they flatten No. 1 Winding house? Just because it looks to me in one pic by Ron that the Winding house was still there in 1988.

high pit wilma :- Hi Hoggy!
Whey aa left Bates Pit in 1986,and finished at Ashington Pit in March 1987.[Ashington Pit 
was ganna close aan aal,so a says ti mesel........"Bill,a think after nearly thorty yeors doon thi bliddy pits,it's time ti get oot,afore Ellington Pit shuts aan aal,cos tha'll be nae jobs ti get,wi 2000 men being hoyed onti thi dole!"]
So,a got oot![mind a had a bad accident ti me left hand,so that helped me ti mek a decision!]
Noo,when a was at Ashington Pit,one o' the Bates lads said "Bill,yi wanted some more photo's of Bates,when they start ti demolish it,div vint yi?"
A said "Aye , hoo's that like?"
He said,"Whey yi better get doon there quick cos it's a al but razed ti thi groond noo...!"
A went doon straight away,and this pic shows what was left!!
They reckon it didn't take a fortnight ti get this far,from scratch!!
So....a lang-winded answer ti ya question,Hoggy,is,a reckon,sometime in late 1986/early1987.
Can anybody be any more precise,please?
Cheers Hoggy!

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