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high pit wilma :-

Seen from up the platform around the cage pulley wheels,in 1986............
Today,in 2nd of November, 2010,i have just seen a press photo of councillors,and children from a Blyth primary school,standing on this site,which has taken nearly a year to de-contaminate,and prepare 26 acres of land,on which to build a new primary school for Blyth
schoolchildren....what a change of use....!!

high pit wilma :-

Update.....6-12-10, building work has started,and is well under way,for the new school,next to the pit shafts,and the river bank sides,just hope that the school staff don't go to sleep...for a second...............
Not forgetting the fatalities which occurred at Widdrington old pithead baths,which had been converted to an industrial site,a few years ago,where deadly "blackdamp" [carbon dioxide]
mine gas seeped through breaks in the strata,and filled up a basement in the building,
killing some of the occupants.
Just hope our clever planning dept has kept this sort of danger in mind,when building on abandoned mine-sites.....like Bates pit.

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Bates Pit by High Pit Wilma

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hoggy03 :- It is a idiotic idea to build on bates because of all the hazards pit lagons, mine shafts, water and the rest, not a place for kids or teenagers for that matter never should have been considered for building on and my dad agrees completly, i would have like to see another pit built there but that will never happen.

high pit wilma :-Hi Hoggy! Does it ever mek yi wonder where thi brains are in high places?
Chek oot me pic of thi waata standage,in thi 3/4 seam,where thi panel boxes are at thi opposite side ti the explosives[pooda]magazines,standing next ti a brick wall haading haaf a million gallons o' waata back...!
Noo THAT'S brains fo' yi...!!
......and a school on top of pit waste heap/compoond/toxicated area,next ti THREE pit shafts.......whey.......!!!!!!!!!!
Three pit shafts?
Did yi knaa that the aad Bates "North " pit shaft was capped wi concrete,[might hae been filled in,but a divvent think sae..],and it's up where the "top" car park used ti be,next ti Netto's on thi corner there... Yi cud hear it hissing,drawing air in through cracks in thi concrete,one time,when thi big fans were ventilating thi pit,but a was looking for thi capping,t'otha day,and it's aal owa grown wi grass and bushes noo.
Noo if it was tekkin' air in one time,it'll be letting styphe and aal sorts oot noo,nea matter hoo gud they sealed it...it'll just get diffused in thi open air,cos nowt'll stop thi pressure building up as thi pit gets flooded.
That's my aan opinion anyway,mebbe aam glaaky,but time will tell...as it did at Widdrington..
Cheers Hoggy,thanks for your comments!

hoggy03 :- yes i have seen the pic of the high explosives, electrical equipment and water held back by a brick wall, my dad says the management was rubbish and payed a part in the pits downfall, did they ever take the explosives out of the pit before it was demolised or was they left there, as well i looked though some of your other pics and saw you worked at ashington what did you do after it shut?

high pit wilma :- Hoggy,there'll be pooda left in aal owa the pit,but it'll be safe noo, cos the salty sea-waata will have just dissolved it back doon ti nowt......
I got re-trained as a cabinet-maker,after i left the pits,but had several jobs,like driving,etc in between,cos after the pits aal closed doon,thatcher -thi - hatcheter,made sure smaal businesses couldn't survive either,and i worked in some lovely little workshops,making very expensive furniture,your Dad would have killed to work in!!!
Ask him if he ever used a computer-controlled[NOT CNC!]...FOUR-SIDED planer!!
You could feed a raggy pit prop into the feed-rollers,type in what section you required,[4x2 etc],and you would get your lovely smooth 4x2 plank spitting out of the delivery side...just like that!
First time in my life that i ever looked forward to going to work in the morning,and i didn't want to come home at night,i enjoyed it so much...!!![oh.....and there wasn't any "foreshift" to work,either!]

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