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aj.gardner :-

The loading gear at the berth is still standing (Feb 2011). Is it being used for loading some other cargo now?

high pit wilma :-

Hi aj.!
I'm not sure if they still send opencast coal to the power stations down south,they used to send coal from Ellington pit blended with other coal,to get the right sulphur/ash content,but
now that Ellington's gone,i must admit,i haven't taken a great deal of notice,even though i'm down there,[on the cambois side],quite often!
Good point,i'll try to find out and post any info up soon as i can.
Cheers aj.,thanks for the visit!

hoggy03 :-

Hi Bill and aj, the shipping plant is still in use to this day (28/02/2011) but does not ship any coal now, only grain and glass to the best of me and my dads knowledge, i dont know where to though most likely the south but im not 100% sure.

hoggy03 :-

Hi Bill and Aj, i found the shipping plant is still in use but it ships glass and plastics not grain as i said before and it is shipped to Europe.

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high pit wilma :- Hi Hoggy,thanks for the update,we're all a bit wiser now!
At least somebody somewhere has had the sense to keep the plant operating,therefore securing jobs.
Don't get the chance to check my photostream as often as i used to,due to commitments,
Hoggy,and also Aj,plus any other visitors,so apologies to all if i don't reply straight away to any comments posted.[i really appreciate anyone showing interest in my photostream!]

bewildebeeste :- hoggy03 Just a thought as to what kind of plastics/glass is going out of here - it wouldn't be domestic recycling would it?

hoggy03 :- bewildebeeste I'm not sure, best person to ask would be somebody would works for the Port of Blyth.

high pit wilma :- Pass on that one marra!

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