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Dan :-

Wilma, are they called Headgear's or Headframes?

high pit wilma :-

They are called "Headgears",here in Northumberland,England,U.K.

From the album:

Bates Pit by High Pit Wilma

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Ron Dobson :- I see the supplies are ready to gan doon thu pit Cheer,s Marra

high pit wilma :- Waatcheor Blythfoto1! Yi soond like a bloke whee cin unnerstand anotha geordie pitmin,aam a reet o' wat?!!! Heh heh! 
The supplies are just waiting o' aad Jack M. gaan owa wi he's bit o' chaak,ti mark thim aal off ,fo' wheor thi hae ti gaan...can yi mind canny aad Jack?
Aad like ti contact yi by mail,if that's aal reet!

Ron Dobson :- Hiya Bill/Marra - Aye yi can e-mail onytime yi like itid b nice ti hear from yi Coz usses hevta clag (ameen stick) tigitha aall fur noo Tek care

high pit wilma :- That's chinkaplonka! 
Was Jimmy Kenny, "Auld Blue"?,or sum bugga else?
Cheers marra!

Ron Dobson :- Aye yur reet there Auld Blue smashing gaffa him (wi me onyway) Just a laddie and me pony doon thu pit.di yuh rememba Cecil Cessford and Bob Armstrong at the Bella(Bob yuh got thin leg,s Owt dis fur pit wurk says him gud times Tek care Marra and keep yur pooda dry tee.... tata

high pit wilma :- Aye, a saw Aad Blue 2 or 3 yeors back,in thi Keel Raa,a think it was,wi his wife,and a spoke ti him,whey its neaorly fowerty yeors ago since a was a young deputy,youngest at thi pit,at thi time,aboot 1973,and so he didn't knaa me noo,but mind,he was still Aad Blue,aboot a hundred yeors aad,lukking at him,but still wi thi hair,and aal he's marbles upa height.....!!
He telt me aal aboot he's faatha,and brotha's,and hoo he went ti neet school,afta redding a caunch aal day,ti get he's tickets.
That's hoo he was a gud gaffa,he was a gud pitman as weel.
cheers,and k.y.t.i. an aal!!

Dr. Drewboy :- it's not the "original" configuration, right? it seems as there is only the left half of the shaft used and there should be two more wheels.

Stephen Franks :- Did the coal come out in tubs or skips at this mine?

high pit wilma :- Drewboy..spot-on,it was originally sunk with the intention of installing four cages,but it never happened.
Wesdrie.....it was three and a half ton mine cars.

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