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high pit wilma :-

NORTH BLYTH TERRACES in the background..note the mine car tippler standing next to the coal wagons....the white object-round- with an entrance way. The fan ducting runs from the shaft headgear ,over to the fan house,the twin funnels completing the scene.

From the album:

Bates Pit by High Pit Wilma

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BigLoada :- THis is a really great composition. It works perfectly, especially if like us one is familiar with the area.

rigobonzo :- What time of the day was the photo taken.

tarboat :- This is a cracking shot.

high pit wilma :- Cheers, tarboat,and Loada!
Rigo, it was taken during thi night shift,from up thi main heed gear, about 6 or 7 o'clock in thi evening.[no gaffa's knocking about then!]

hoggy03 :- Great shot bill, what was the shed with the blue doors for near the road?

high pit wilma :- Got ya Dad ti forever thank,for all these surface shots,from up on the headgear,Hoggy,it was a gud job we took thi chance ti get up there and create a bit of historical archive material![seeing as how the whole place has changed completely......]
Noo,the shed.......,yi got me wondering mese'll noo!
Zooming in on large size,yi can see the railway lines leading up to the building,which makes me think it might have been a shunting loco shed/garage/workshop.....
Does Russ not know?
Thanks for ya comments Hoggy!

hoggy03 :- He said it was for the shipping plant, but i don't know if he was on about the same area as me.

high pit wilma :-Hi Hoggy, i've added a note to the place i think you are on about. We might get some response from somebody...!

hoggy03 :- Hi Bill, i have showed my dad the photo and he's says it is number 3 loco shed, so that has answered the question.

high pit wilma :- Heh heh!....thas nowt us pitmen divvent knaa...eh? Gud ti get it sorted,Hoggy.
Noo,yi got me wondering aboot things like that,aam thinkin'....a canna place,[in me mind], where the "back"[upcast] shaft was,at Bedlington aad pit...a naa it's nowt ti dae wi Bates,but it's buggin' me,just thi syem!! A was there 6 years,so a shud've knaan.....aam at a funny age noo,Hoggy....!

Dr. Drewboy :- i agree - a really nice overview!

Ron Dobson :- Hiya Bill,Added a few note,s.That was a loco shed but later it housed the Payloader,s used at the Shipping Plant,Shipping started at 5-0am and finished at 2100hrs and worked 5/6 day,s a week,kypd Take care marra

high pit wilma :- Dr Drewboy-thanks for your kind comment.!
blythfoto1 - Thanks fo aal ya info on wor pit!
Keepahaud marra!

ian Cummings :- Great pics all my family worked here cummings n brocks

high pit wilma :- Hi,Geordieian, I knew Peter ,and Ronnie Brock, hellish gud workers they were and canny lads as weel.
Peter got he's thumb fast in the Sylvester,one day,when he was pulling thi conveyor box-end in to tighten the belt up.
The sylvester handle flew oot Peter's hand,as he was lifting the butterfly catch..[favourite thing wi sylvester's],and
Peter's thumb was off.
The Deputy bandaged him up,and was sending him ootbye,when he argued with the Deputy,he wasn't gaan ootbye,he wanted ti finish the job he had started.
He had ti gaan oot,but he groused aal thi way ootbye!! -tough aad nut was Peter!
Another one was the Owaman,Jack M.,he had two fingers taken clean off,and a third hanging on wi a bit o' tat,nearly off.
He got his hand fast in the conveyor belt loop-take-up winch ropes.
Deputy dressed his hand up,and he made ti gaan inbye,cos thi men had shouted owa the D.A.C. phone for his help with a Tirfor rope which had become fast inside thi tirfor.
The Deputy said,"..A knaa where ye are ganning Jack.....ootbye....NOO" !!
A canna mind thi Cummings.......
Cheers marra!

bradfordlad2012 :- are the houses still there ?

high pit wilma :-  fat lad, Hi marra! Yes the houses are still there....30 years later,[it's now 22-10-15] but the Cambois Power Station was demolished quite a few years ago,after the coal industry was savagely murdered by thatcher-thi-hatcheter and her evil greedy cronies.
So is the Alcan Smelter closed,after the closure of Ellington Colliery,which was the smelter's nearest and largest supplier of coal for it's furnaces at it's own dedicated power station.

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And a winter shot, from a similar position to High Pit Wilmas, from Trevor Gregg on the Facebook group Friends of Bates Colliery.



Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

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