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Bates Pit by High Pit Wilma

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high pit wilma :- That is a mighty big wheel!!

frazerweb :- Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Colliery & Mine Photos, and we'd love to have this added to the group! Cool stuff

high pit wilma :- Hi! No digi marvels here, this whole set was shot with a 40 yrs old HALINA 35X 35MM MANUAL FOCUS -SHUTTER-APERTURE-
STEAM-DRIVEN,WITH GEAR LEVERS AS WELL.....! Pleased you like them,glad to have whatever shots,added to the group.

Ray Hammond :- Superb sho,t great composition, Sadly all but lost of this Iconic period.

german shepherd dog woof to my friends :- my dad had his accident at bates pit the shaf had fallen 50 ft to the bottom that was in the mid 70's
nice photo with blyth power station in the back ground

high pit wilma :- Hi max! Sorry to hear about your dad,the miner risked he's life as soon as he stepped into the cage,but we never thought about it.
Your dad's accident must have been in the early seventies,before 1971,was it?
I started bates in june 1971,and i'm thinking it must have been before i started.Correct me please...

Ryan Hogg :- Nice to find this photo from bates, who took the photo of my dad then?

high pit wilma :- Hi Hoggy! All this set is my own copyright. Purely my own work,if you go through the set , you'll find info on what camera i used.Russell
kindly took me and my son [who was 14 at the time,i think...!] all around the washery,screens,winder hoose,etc,but unfortunately, that film was somehow lost,before being developed. But luckily this one got done. Do you know what trade your dad was in before he went on shaft work? Cheers!

hoggy03 :- Very nice photo of my dad, im his second son, hoggy92220 is my older brother, i response to the question you asked my brother my dad was a joiner at Bates before he did shaft work.

Ron Dobson :- Nice to see Russell He was just an apprentice the last time i saw him I worked at Bates 66-87 and was at Isabella pit in 1960-66 Good times

high pit wilma :- Heh heh! Hoggy, just checking,no disrespect, i knew Russell long before he went onto shaftwork,he used to come into my districts when i was a Deputy,1971-1978,and after that,i chucked Deputy-work in,and went back onto composite work,till the pit closed in 1986,well i went ti Ashington pit,just before Bates actually had the ropes cut. Always was a nice lad,Russell,well-liked by everybody,bar none.

high pit wilma :- Blyth foto,i can't place you,were you in the 3/4 or the Plessey?

Ron Dobson ;-  Hiya Bill - Worked aall ower at Bate,sOn transport/Manrider in 3/4 for a while 4north and Plessey as a datal on loader,s on 73s on pony. Tommy Blair/Stan Brooke,s/Jimmy Kenny aall gaffer,s Aaaaalll fur noo Tek care

high pit wilma :- Ron,wish a cud bump inti yi in Blyth market,wat a pair o' aad natterbags wi'd be....!! Wor lass syez wa warse thin aad pit wives nattering on when wi get tigitha.....[pitmen...i.e.]!!

Dr. Drewboy :- ah, this is the picture. really nice!

high pit wilma :- Hi Dr Drewboy! Just catching up,been off for a while,thanks for your kind comments!
Pleased i got these shots,cos the opportunity to get aerial pics from this unique spot,will never arise again....i don't think!!

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And a winter shot, from a similar position to High Pit Wilmas, from Trevor Gregg on the Facebook group Friends of Bates Colliery.



Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

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