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Other images in Westridge School - End of term class photos

The Fourteen Club - 1958

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Photo from Allana Smith, posted on the Bedlington Remembered Facebook site.

The year and info from Christine Sutcliffe - No 9 in the photo.

Comment from Christine, via Allana was :- Hi there the photo is of the school prefects known as the fourteen club and if you look at the blazers there is a small badge .It was took in 1958 my mother said.


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From the album

Westridge School - End of term class photos

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The response I got from one member on the Bedlington Remembered site when I posted the photo with 'UPPER REMOVE........' on was :- 'This was not upper remove as there are 4 different years on the photo! 1 Yvonne Brown, 2 Ann Oakley, 3 George Brewis 9 Christine Sutcliffe 11 George Mitcheson 12 ????Patterson (head girl 1959) 17 Linda Matthews'


When I asked about the 'REMOVE' system the reply I got was :- 'Alan,I have already explained the system on other sites that you are involved with, I am not going to do it again.' So that was me told.

When Allana came back with the year 1958 the reply from the member was :'and your mother was spot on, the penny has finally dropped. It was navy blue with the letters in gold. I still have that badge and hated it. Me and your mother were in the same class from infants at Nethertons, Nedderton junior, Guide Post (what a hell hole that was! I hated the place) then Westridge then we left school, never saw her again after that as I moved a foreign place called Newbiggin. Your mam lived up Clifton Row and I lived in Plessey Street. Sheesh, that is 55 years ago!'

So from the above replies you will note that the informant is Allo Allo's Michelle Dubois! 

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