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Westridge Late 50s

Posted on Facebook sixtownships site by John Dawson - no names.

From the album:

Westridge School - End of term class photos

  • 68 images
  • 182 image comments

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2 Melvin French (?)

3 Joe Miller

8 Paul Mann

10 Harry Wilson (?)

11 Derek Wilkinson

12 Eric Burns

14 Denise Groves

17 Lorna Hudson

18 Brian Goodall

19 Margaret Coppin

20 Anna Thaine

21 Neave Tweddell

22 Ann Bower

23 John Darling

26 Sandra ???

27 Elizabeth (Betty) Hall

29 Dorothy Dickinson

30 Patricia (Pat) French

31 Susan Arnold

33 Margaret Morton

34 Miss Wilkinson (Maths)

36 Lorraine Armstrong

39 Eileen Brown

40 Lesley Bainbridge

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@Canny lass - from the names you have given I do remember bringing up the fact that my sister-in-law, Betty Hall, was identified by you in one of the class photos. I can't find any photo with Betty named on it so it must have been this one. I could either say a) it was my memory that had failed and I hadn't totally forgot to do anything with the photo or b ) we were in that transitional period on this site when I was having numerous fails attempting to load photos and when Andy sorted out the problems my memory had still failed to remember what I had been doing!

So while everything, including my short term memory, is working your list of names added to the photo    

Westridge Junior Remove (JR) 1959-60 class named.jpg

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One more - 35 Ann Chapelhow.

Number 28 is, I think, Janice somebody or other.

PS Did your memory also fail to remember that it's usually number 35 that comes between 34 and 36?

Seems like we're both reached that time of life!

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26 I think Sandra's surname was Rowse (Pronounced as a rhyme with house but I'm afraid I don't know the spelling)

15 was a Christine. (Still working on the surname)..

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