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Class 5 - c1962

Posted on Facebook sixtownships site by John Dawson - no names given by any of the members. 

From the album:

Westridge School - End of term class photos

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Numbers added @Rigger. This one was posted on the sixtownships group by John Dawson with the info - Class 5  - 1965. However this is another copy, posted on Bedlington remembered by  'Alanc' as  Class 4R1 1965 with 7 names  :- Joe Knox - Alan Charlton - Kenny Campbell - Lenny Wilson - Maureen Hindhaugh - Yvonne Logan & Billy Stoker. But the names were not linked to individuals. These names also appear on another photo in this album that is labelled - Westridge Class of 1965 posted by Alan Charlton. 

1962 Class 5 named John Dawson.jpg

Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

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1. Michael Southern 2. Derek Johnstone 3. ? 4. John Darling 5. Cliff Coultas 6. Eric Burn 7. Lawrence Stoker 8. Melvin French 9. Alan Jones 10. Colin Crosby 11. Joseph Miller 12. Joe Potts 13. Mick Hedley 14. Brian Goodwill 22. John Marshall 23 Paul Mann

28. Mr Abrehart 29. Miss Wilkenson 30 Mr Stafford

More names to follow

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16 Lorraine Armstrong

18 Jacqueline Armstrong

24 Barbara (Stephenson?)

25 Ann  Smith

26 Janice (Surname given as Hindhaugh on an earlier class photo)

27 Lesley Bainbridge

31 ? Patricia French

32 Eileen Brown

36 Yvonne Williamson

37 Sylvia Hindhaugh/Hindmarsh

43 Lorna Hudson

Edited by Canny lass

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I have to admit that 42 looks like Gladys Stewart but I wondered what she was doing in this group as she would be a couple of years younger than those I recognise. Could this be several classes or some other combination of pupils (as there are three teacherst here)? 

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With help from one of the girls from the photo

15. Dorren Anderson,  16. Margaret Coppin,  17. Margaret Morton,  18. Jacqueline Armstrong, 19. Pat French,  20. Pat May?,  24. Barbara Smith?,  25. Anne Tyler,  26. Janice Hindhaugh,  27. Lesley Bainbridge,  31. Kathleen Brown,  32. Eileen Brown,  33. Joyce Butcher,  34. Lorraine Armstrong,  35. ?,  36. Yvonne Williamson,  37. ?,  38. Ann Chapplehow,  39. Ann McClellan,  40. Janice Rowsett,  41. Anna Thain,  42. Margaret Humble?,  43. Lorna Hudson

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@Rigger - names updated.

@Canny lass - differences in Riggers list to your list = 

CL                                                 Rigger

16. Lorraine Armstrong       Margaret Coppin

                                                        Lorraine Armstrong - No 34

24 Barbara (Stephenson?)  Barbara Smith ?

31 Patricia French ?                Kathleen Brown

1962 Class 5 named.jpg

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