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Don't know when the Red Lion pub opened, taking over the premises belonging to a J. Tuck. 

Tony Green - Bygone Bedlington Facebook site commented :- the buildings at the Top End (next to the Police Station) were demolished and rebuilt in 1902.

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The History of The Red Lion posted on Wetherspoon's web site is :- 

This was built in 1902 as a replacement for an inn of the same name which stood on the site.

This was ‘an extended stone building next to a row of cottages’.

The inn is recorded on the map of Bedlington drawn in c1860.

The Red Lion is also recorded in the earliest surviving Bedlington Parish Directory of 1827, when the licensee was Joseph Younger.

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Thanks Eggy. It sounds like I'm going to need to work on a way to link timeline entries with gallery images. And forum posts as well as external references. 

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