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Alma Inn - was next to Oliver's buildings on the top end of the Glebe bank.

Info from John Dawson :- Oliver’s Buildings was erected around 1850 and was a row of stone houses, erected by a builder named "Oliver" These houses were later leased to the Bedlington Coal Company for their employees and families.

Maureen Quait Bedlington Remembered Facebook site commented :- Did the Alma Inn become the "National Food Office" just after the war and into the early 50s? I can remember going somewhere that looked like that to collect orange juice and National Dried Milk when my brother was a baby. I also think that my grandparents may have lived in Oliver's buildings when they first moved to Bedlington. My grandad worked at the Dr Pit and I know they had lived somewhere down Glebe row until they got the house in Cornwell Crescent in 1921.

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