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Village Map with text2.jpg

Building names etc remembered by Canny lass and then updated with info by bluebarby.

From the album:

Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2

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M is the flattened remains of Yard Row, BB. Howard Row, where I was born was on the other side of the railway line as this map from 1947 shows. The methodist chapels, providing the photograph is not dated prior to 1947, were situated to the north and south of First Street as the map also shows. I can't recall there ever having been a chapel opposite the farm. I can't remember there evr being any buildings at all on that road, only 'the store, prior to the three new farm cottages being built in the fifties. Does anybody know when this photo was taken?


Netherton Colliery 1947 2.png

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I've just enlarged the photo and see clearly that the 'new' farm cottages are visible on the south side of the road so the photo is later than 1950ish. Next to the cottages is the pit canteen and next to that 'the store'. Opposite these must be the pit baths. 

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1 hour ago, Canny lass said:

Does anybody know when this photo was taken?

@Canny lass - How about c1968.

Check out this Flickr link that has many Netherton Colliery photos by Billy Embleton - most you will have seen before. In this Flickr collection are some extracts from Steven B Martin's publication of Netherton (Nedderton) published by Evan S B Martin :-



Netherton Colliery.jpg

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Can't be 1968. The sepia photo must have been taken before 1962 as the 'new' store (opposite the tute) isn't there. We know it was opened in 1962 (see Bluebarby's info dated 11 May 2016: Topic "the store" Netherton). It can be seen quite clearly in the 1968 photo from Martin's publication.

Here's another photo of Netherton looking from the pit towards the houses. Both the old and the new store are still standing. The old store was later destroyed by fire.

You can clearly see all the buildings along the road between the pit and Fails farm  (where the Building labelled 'I' is situated). They are the same as on the sepia photo.

From right to left: The farm cottages. The canteen, (partly obscured by the pit baths on the other side of the road) and the red brick Co-op store. There are no other buildings on that road throughout my lifetime.

This is quite a late photo as Clifton Row has been demolished. The two methodist chapels, though no longer in use as houses of worship can also be seen at either end of First Street.

Apologies to the owner of this photo. I'm afraid I can't give any credit as I haven't noted your name, though I think it may be my good friend Philip Hodgett.


Netherton Colliery.jpg

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