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Last Vulcan over Northumberland?

Vulcan 'V' Bomber over Eshott on Saturday 10th October 2015. See the bedlington.co.uk thread on this for further details.


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    • By threegee

      I thought the comment "They don't cancel the Notting Hill (stab) Fest because too many people turn up." was amusing.  All part of the modern PC Britain Experience, I suppose.  Why don't they replace the RAF roundels with circles of yellow stars?  Then there'd be oodles of free money to keep it flying!
    • By threegee
      Bored with their new toy - The Large Hadron Collider - CERN has decided to climb on the techno-nostalgia bandwagon by restoring the very first web page at the same URL as before. The fact that they are attempting to host it on the original hardware will become apparent when you try to download it!
      What!? You expected pictures? You'll need to wait a few years (maybe for the very first bedlington.co.uk page?) for those.
      BTW notice that although there's a WWW in the URL the bottom level domain is in fact info. It was only later that "www." was widely adopted as the name of the machine that delivered an organisation's http: content. Even today CERN themselves are ignoring this convention and using "web." instead.
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