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Miners picnic 1957


Opposite Black Bull pub my brother on jack Herons shoulders,Peg Heron,Frank Heron,Margaret curley feel free to name the rest....

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The Heron family lived opposite my family in Hollymount Square,and Mrs Heron [Peg] was my Mother's very good friend.

She would give me a thruppeny-bit for gaan up ti Carricks the bakers for a broon fadge and a scrrrrrrribona sammidge cyek!!![emphasis on the rolled "r"'s..!]

Me Mutha wud mek me tek the money bak ti Mrs Heron,sayin if ye canna dae a gud torn for nowt,ye canna dae it at aal!

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Sorry Htw about the quality me brother sent the pics to me as a copy I took a photo of the copy my brother has the originals I did tell him to give them Kieth lockey to scan but it's like whistling in the wind

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HPW I can't remember the shop was it next to Hollymount

Square and Bells place if that was the shop I just remember it as a coffee vending machine shop?by the way HPW did you know my dads brother Davy.

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It was a wholesaler's shop.

We,as kids,used ti watch them carrying big jars of sweets in,and used ti fantasise aboot them dropping a jar,and us kids scrambling aal owa the ground picking loads of bullets..[sweets!] up!!

We had nowt after the war,rations were on,and seeing stuff like this made us kids drool!

The shop was just past the entrance into Bell's Place,and Hollymoont Square,opposite the Black bull/Locke Hall area.

The frontage is still there ,but a think it's a hoose noo,Tony.

If a knew ya name,a might be able ti tell yi if a knew ya Dad.

Yes,the shop was a vending machine servicing place in latter years,but aam taakin aboot late 1940's/1950's

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The Heron Family were a lovely set of neighbours to have,young Frankie,and Jackie,pictured her,were two fine lads,Frankie always had his camera oot in the street recording family and Community life as it was in the late 940's and through the 1950's.We have him to thank,as well as recently deceased Billy Wright,our next door neighbour,for our family photographs as well as all our young friends playing together on warm summer nights in Hollymount Square!

A wudn't mind betting either Billy Wright took this pic,or Frankie gave his camera to somebody else to take it with him on it!


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