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Hi Alan,a canna name anybody,but wat caught me eye was the Dinner dance ticket for the Mason's.

Aboot six years after that ticket was printed,my Group played for the Masons Annual Dinner Dance,at the Marketplace Club.

In them days,the Masons were like a secret society.

Wat a surprise aa got when we went in early to set wor gear up on stage,when we were set up,we went aroond the tables,that were also laid oot really fine,lika aa had nivvor seen thi likes of before.

Aal silverware,and flooers on the tyebles,napkins in rings...thi lot.

Wor Mothers had a hard time feeding us and paying the rent,and there was aal this finery!

But that wasn't thi surprise....THAT, was WHOSE nametags were at the dinnerplaces on aal the tables...!

"His Worshipful Master"....top of table number one ,below the stage centre...wor tally/time clerk at the Bedlington Aad Pit!

"His Worshipful Brother"..further alang,....Shunter on the surface,at Choppington High Pit..[a rotten aad raggy-arsed sod who took me catapult off me,when a was just 15yrs aad,and a was just firing chippings up in the timber yard at bait-time....daing nae harm..!..[but Paddy Purcell  who was in charge of me med him gie it back ti me and telt him ti mind he's aan business!!]....and HE was in Mason's dress that neet,and Aa was on stage entertaining HIM!...mind he was quiet as a moose after that..aal pussy-footing ti me,in case a telt thi pit aboot im...which a didn't!

"His Worshipful Brother"...doon the aisle a bit....WOR N.U.M.Branch Secretary!..at the High Pit.[loveliest fella ye cud ever wish ti meet!]

....and others...so it was a bit of an eye-opener!

They are openly inviting people in noo...gud charitable organisation....so a hear....aav still got the Posters what they used ti put in the glass case just inside the doors at aal the clubs,in them days....Happy days...sorry digressing,and nae actual help from me!

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