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Netherton Colliery Band

Netherton Colliery Band
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A selection of Netherton Colliery Band, Bedlington Picnic photos &  other Brass Bands from the area.
Early 20th century to 1980's. 

Bedlington (Dr Pit) Brass Band.jpg

Blyth LNER c1950.jpg

BN c1975.jpg

Brentford Nylons Easter 1975.jpg

Bretford Nylons 1975.jpg

British Legion Rally (people).jpg

British Legion Rally 1969.jpg

c1959 Netherton Band.jpg

c1959 Netherton.jpg

Late 40's Gala Day.jpg

Miners Gala 1970.jpg

N Seaton c1937.jpg

Netherton  June 1970.jpg

Netherton (Post 1906).jpg

Netherton 1922 (people).jpg

Netherton 1922.jpg

Netherton 1932.jpg

Netherton 1964 at CISWO Finals Blackpool.jpg

Netherton Band 6-1970.jpg

Netherton Band 1959 in London National Finals.jpg

Netherton Band June 1969 (people).jpg

Netherton Band June 1969 (people2).jpg

Netherton Band June 1969 (pic).jpg

Netherton Band(location and date unknown).jpg

Netherton Ladies Elsie Grant, R Stewart, Edith McLean(possibly ).jpg

New Uniform 1950.jpg

New Uniform 1959.jpg

North Seaton (possibly) 1929(people).jpg

North Seaton (possibly) 1929.jpg

Picnic 1969 (people).jpg

Picnic 1969.jpg

Picnic day June 14 1959.jpg

Possibly 1953.jpg

unknown band 1932.jpg

unknown band 1935.jpg

unknown band1911.jpg


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