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Bedlington Station (Sleekburn) 1st School, started pre 1850.

Bedlington Station (Sleekburn)  1st School, started pre 1850.
Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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Info from Rootsweb online genealogy forum :- 'Sleekburn had a school from at least 1842. This is supported by entries in the Methodist records by a local preacher who stated that he preached in the new Board School in that year. Evidently there are no surviving records to indicate when the School was opened. The School was of course built by the Colliery Owner, more so to keep his workers happy and content.. It appears that the School closed in 1941 and was taken over and used as a County Library.

Source - "Sleekburn (The Station) with Bank Top, East Sleekburn and Red Row" by Stephen B Martin - Bedlingtonshire Villages History Series.

Steve Ellwood - Whitley Bay, North East England'


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