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Another Extraordinary meeting of NCC!

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Well another quite extraordinary Full Council meeting yesterday, this one about replacing the NCC Chief Executive!   Never easy to do nor inexpensive but I have to say for the first time, because of an overwhelming public interest, this was done in public, so well done to the Administration for having the bottle to front this one out. 

The last time I was involved with the same thing it was all done behind closed doors! 


I went to work at 5am as normal on a Wednesday about today’s meeting and sets of papers pinging into my mobile phone.  Having the chance to skim through them I was of a mind to vote against any financial recompense to the current CEX.  In fact I was quite determined given the situations we have faced for the last few years! 

After getting home and a quick shower and change and then up to County Hall for the meeting.  I asked for hard copies of the papers and sat down to read through them as quickly as I could. 

It became apparent this wasn’t as cut and dried as I had imagined and most people watching the full meeting will no doubt come to the same conclusion. 

We had several presentations and question and answer sessions, interrupted once again by the same member of the public who had to be led away in handcuffs at our last meeting and once again the police had to be called to do the same. 

So listening and having read through all the legal advice off QC’s, our legal team, the NCC chief finance officer I was of a mind to abstain from the vote, if for no other reason than to register my dismay at what we were being asked to agree. 

During the debate it became apparent that if the situation wasn’t resolved today then the costs would far outweigh any settlement figure, plus the council would still be stuck in the limbo it had faced for the last few years! 

I was looking for best value for my residents weighed together with making a principled stance and it was obvious, and at once point stated, that this was in fact the least worst option and the only way we could as a council get back to the real business of working for our residents. 

Faced with what was in effect a Hobson’s choice and against my better judgment I voted for the recommendations.   

It would have been much easier to vote against the recommendations citing the financial constraints we are all facing at present, the unlawful nature of some of the items under discussion, the way some people have been treated and some of the details in the settlement, but that would have very real and enormous financial and administrative ramifications going forward for us all! 

So the least worst option is was then! 



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I have to agree Vic. It seems like it's just perpetuating conditions where this sort of thing is tolerated. It's a rare case where tax payer's money would be well spent! 

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