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Will it ever happen - 

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Councillor Alex Wallace urges Northumberland Conservatives to take a trip to Barnstaple to change their minds about Bedlington Leisure






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Just accept nothing else will get built for a couple of years then eventually some cheap nasty housing will fill the rest of site. The chance of a development was lost when Tesco had its plans turned down because of a stupid listing on the old Coop building the same building that was demolished, we now would have had a nice new Tesco plus some new shops. Tesco pulled out of Bedlington because of constant fannying about by the council plus they refused to spend any more money on a building that had more holes in the roof than a sieve, so when they announced store closures Bedlington was always one of the stores top of the list

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After the Extraordinary full council meeting yesterday. that Malcolm Posted on June 16th I don't suppose the council will have any money to send a group of councillors down to Barnstable, North Devon (unless there is another Barnstable) to find out how it's done.:showoff:


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