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Community Action Northumberland - CAN - Village halls Heritage Project

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I have been contacted by @Keith Scantlebury asking if I could help John Batey who is looking into two heritage projects for East Bedlington Parish Council.

I have Googled 'NCC Heritage Projects' and found this :-


Keith passed on my email address to John Batey and I received this email :-

Subject: History

Hello Alan,

Keith Scantlebury has given me your email address.

East Bedlington Parish Council is launching two large scale Heritage
Projects - one based on the building which houses the Community Centre, and
one based on the 1821 waggon way from Willow Bridge to the River Blyth.

Would you like to be involved ?

Best wishes,

John Batey


I don't have any documented facts on the Bedlington Station Community Centre or the 1821 Wagon Way.

Does anyone in this group have any documentations that might help the project?

If anyone wants to pass anything to John Batey then please let me know and I will give you his email address.




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