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SMITH Margaret Watson born Bedlington 5/10/1929


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Researching my husband's family tree and discovered his grandfather, assumed to be an only child, had a sister.

The sister was Thomassion Crackett, she married Arthur Smith, miner, in 1928, living at 2 Arcade, Glebe Row Bedlington.

They had a daughter Margaret Watson Smith.

Would like to find out more about this branch of the family if possible


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Hello @CathAC. Welcome to the forum. You may already have this information but if not it may help you to move forward in your search.

Arthur Smith was born in South Shields 20 DEC 1903 to parents Robert and Henrietta Smith both born in Cornwall. Arthur was one of 10 children but three had died by 1911. By then Arthur had reached the age of 7 years. His siblings in 1911 were: Willie 20 yo, Thomas 14 yo, Ernest 12 yo and Jane 19 yo married to Alexander Fitzgerald. The family are living in 4 rooms at 39 Howard Row, Netherton Colliery. (I was born at number 44, though many years later). The father, Robert, his older sons and his son-in-law are all mine workers- presumably at Howard Pit, Netherton Colliery, who owned the houses.

In 1939 Arthur has left Netherton and is, as you know, now married. I read his wife’s name as ”Thomasina”, a very popular name at the time (some old handwritten records are difficult to read and are quite often  wrongly transcribed). Thomasina was born 07 NOV 1905 and the couple have one child, a daughter Margaret born 05 OCT 1929. She is now at school. The family is living in the Sleekburn area at 4½ Storeys Buildings. I don’t know exactly where that was but I can see that it was near to The Railway Inn.

It may or may not be relevant but six doors along the road is a family called Cracket: Widower Thomas, retired coal miner, born 17 SEP 1865 and what appear to be two single male relatives, George born 08 JUL 1898 and William born 15 MAY 1912. Both are mine workers.

Hope this can help you on your way. If you'd like the documents from where I've taken this info let me know and I'll send them in a direct message.


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@Canny lass this is a map you created for someone else showing the buildings down the Glebe Road


@CathAC this is a Glebe Road Now (Google 2022) & Then (Cl's 1924 map)


Glebe Rad 2022.jpg

The 'Picture Cinema' building on the 1924 map still exists and is now a gym. You can see on the Now shot that the buildings Canny Lass identified on the 1924 map were all demolished to make way for the roundabout and the dual carriage way.

The old Glebe Road still exists, to the right of the dual Carriageway as you look at the 2022 image.  

Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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Thank you so much for both speedy replies that have confirmed and greatly added to my research.

I am now wondering what happened to Margaret Watson Smith. My husband had maternal family in the Sleekburn area and finds it strange that his father never mentioned an aunt/uncle or cousin.

Possibly a family dispute? Or did Arthur, Thomasine and Margaret move away?

Ive been trying without success to find a marriage for Margaret Watson Smith. Unfortunately there are lots of Smiths!

Again, thank you for the help you have given


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There are indeed many Smiths but not too many have Watson as a middle name with a birthday 5 OCT 1929. I don't think Margaret ever married. I didn't search in any great depth but I think Margaret died, unmarried, in 2004, still living in Northumberland and most likely still in Bedlington or its surroundings. There is an entry in the death register:

Margaret Watson Smith, birth date 05 OCT 2004, died age 74. Death registered August 2004 Northumberland Central Registration District. Register number: 13A, District 677, Subdistrict 1A, Entry number 284.

Northumberland Central Registration District was created in 1937 bringing together the old registration districts of Alnwick, Morpeth, Northumberland South and Castle Ward (to which Bedlington belonged). Northumberland Central was absorbed by the Northumberland District in 2008, after Margaret's death.

Unfortunately there is no death certificate to view you would need to order one but it might be worth the money to enable you to move on with your research.

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@CathACSorry to have to say that it looks like Margaret's father, Arthur, was a WW2 casualty and died 16 NOV 1940. If this is the same person then he is recorded on the UK Army Roll of Honour 1939 -1945 where he is recorded as serving as a guardsman in the Welsh Guards (Foot Guards division). Service Number: 2732826.

His theatre of war is guven as England so he doesn't seem to have died abroad and I can find no war grave.


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I've found the family history reseach community to be a wonderful, helpful bunch of people. Over the years I've had help from complete strangers in several parts ofhe world. It's nice to be able to give something back once in a while and I'm sure that once you've found your feet in that community, you will do the same thing. Never be afraid to throw out a question. Somebody, somewhere is always willing to help. Sometimes it's just paying back the kindness of others and somethimes it's just nice to get away from your own research for a couple of hours and work with different names. Good luck with your research.

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