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Gate House, Bebside Furnace

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Red marking shows gatehouses/Gatehouse Row, nrs 1 - 5 which later became Doctor's Row.

Green marking shows Old Gatehouse Row, nrs 1 - 18 which later became Oldgate/Oldgate Row.

I've never heard of a single building being called Gatehouse but people wrote many variations of address on census returns. My grandfather lived at 2 Gatehouses but that was crossed out by the enumerator and replaced with Doctors Row (1911).

Hope this can be of help.

Bebside Furnace and surroundings (2)_LI.jpg

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Thank you so much for the very quick and full reply. The reference document I have is a hard copy birth certificate from the 1930's. The birth address and address listed for the informant is written the same way. It actually says Two Gate House, Bebside Furnace. By 1939, the family relating to the birth certificate had moved toward Blyth. It looks as though the house only played a very small part in their history, but had wondered what/ where it was.

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