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Tell me about Bedlington - looking to maybe move here?

Ellie Thorpe

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I'm looking to potentially purchase a property in the corchester road/lancaster green estate and I'd like to know more about the area and people who live there, what your impression is of the town centre etc. I have a dog so I love that it's close to green areas to walk her and explore further out, I also work in Gosforth so Bedlington is ideal for commuting. I used to both horse ride and play golf, so with these nearby too I could get back into them in my spare time.

What I'd like to know:

  • Is it mostly families, elder residents or are there many young professionals? (I'm 28, so not young young!)
  • I see grocery shopping can be covered by Morrisons and there a couple of pubs nearby - what other shopping is available? 
  • Are there many community gatherings and events?

Feel free to add anything else - I hope this is ok! :)


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Hi Ellie, welcome to the site.

Bedlington seems to hit your requirements in terms of green spaces and commuting. In terms of demographics it's a fairly even split from what I can tell between families, young professionals and elderly.

For groceries there are now 3 supermarkets (Morrisions, Lidl and an Aldi opening imminently) as well an independent discount retailer at the top of the street. For other shopping there are some specialist independent retailers on front street but you're not going to get the same mix of national chains you get on other high streets. There's a well established music shop, cobblers, butcher, home furnishings, travel agent, cake shops, plenty of hair dressers, nail shops and dog groomers etc but you will likely need to travel elsewhere for clothes and white goods etc. There's a few coffee shops and I'm currently setting up a coworking space on Front Street.

There are community groups that host events at the Community Centre and Salvation Army covering lots of topics like crafting, history, running, fitness.

I have lived in Bedlington most of my life apart from a few years overseas. It has its problems the same as anywhere and generally there can be a feeling of apathy and that the town is overlooked in many respects but if you can see past that there are definitely things happening if you get involved. 

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Hello @Ellie Thorpe - I am an ex Bedlington lad, now retired, and therefore can't give you info on the current view of Bedlington residents but hopefully, like Andy has above, I can give you 'www' links to info on Bedlington.

One of the members on this group is an independant Bedlington councillor - @Malcolm Robinson - and Malcolm often posts :- current info - videos of council meetings - development plans etc. etc.

I'm sure you will have Googled Bedlington. The following are Google images of the town. Bedlington has two identities - The Top End & Bedlington Station (where the old railway statio still is and will be reopened under the new plans).

Bedlington map.jpg

Bedlington Top end map.jpg

Bedlington Station.jpg

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In answer to your questions:


There is a definite mix of residents in the Town these days.  It’s seen as an attractive option for people who, like yourself, work in the Newcastle environs. 

The shops are here and should soon be added to!  The nightlife does centre around just a few pubs etc. though.   However even these provide for differing client bases so most tastes catered for. 

As Andy says there are groups to suit a wide variety of choice and some new ones being established. 


For me the Town still feels a bit ‘villagey’ which adds to its charm.  There is a great Country Park stretching from almost the Cambois riverside right up to Plessey Woods.  Also Gallagher Park almost right in the middle.    


We will soon see a train station so access to the east coast mainline, and onwards, will be easy. 


It’s like everywhere if you want to get involved I’m sure you can, if you just want to kick back then fine too.   

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I haven't  lived in Bedlington for many years but when visiting, I've always liked the way it seems to be  developing since the mines closed. A really nice villagey feel. One thing that hasn't changed is the friendliness and helpfulness of its residents. As far as that is concerned, Bedlington is the same as ever. Andy and Malcolm give a very fair description of how I've found it and I'm sure @lilbill15 can tell you all about interesting dog walks in and around the area.

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