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Bedlington Secondary School.


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2 hours ago, dagrierson said:

Although he lived in Ashington, my dad attended Bedlington Secondary School in the 1930s when the head was Arthur J Williams.  Does anyone have a photo of the school at this time?  

@dagrierson we keep an album, in the gallery section, for all the school, past and present, of Bedlington. There is an album, under the name Bedlington Grammar School, and it has the info :- '..............It was founded in 1926 as Bedlington Secondary School for the areas of Bedlingtonshire, Ashington and Newbiggin.....................' 

In the album there is one photo of the school governors from 1931, page 2. One photo of a 1930's school football team, with some names,m page 2, and one photo, with only a date of the 1940's with 10 male pupils forming a pyramid, page 1.

If you select/click on the option 'Gallery' at the top of the page - then select 'Historic Bedlington' you will get the albums displayed. There are two pages of albums but the school album you are after is on page 1. 

If you have any problems navigating the site then please say so and I will post you a direct link to the album🙂


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