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John Stoker

John H Williams

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A few months ago,I asked if anyone had any further information about a letter written by John Stoker about Bedlington Terriers in 1878. Anyway,I have been trying to learn more about John Stoker,and I found the following newspaper cuttings which may perhaps be of some interest,as they describe life in a very different way to the present. John Stoker buried two wives at an early age,probably through childbirth (??),suffered a serious accident at work,was almost drowned while trying to deliver the Mail (he was also the postman) - his horse was drowned but he survived and - most importantly,of course - he managed to save the Mail !! He was later given 'a purse of gold' by grateful villagers for his diligence as a postman. And,despite all these trials and tribulations,he maintained 'an obliging manner' without recourse to Counselling! How different to today!







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