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Help for new members to this group.

Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

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@Andy Millne - just me thinking out loud🙂

I've noticed there have been quite a few new members to the group in the last few weeks but none have posted any comments or questions.

Has there ever been a 'New Member' category so any new member can ask about the group eg. navigating through the Gallery etc. or where Admin and/or members can post hints and tips on the group?

I hadn't really taken any notice of the Category 'Subscriptions' along the blue bar at the top. Do you think any visitors to the group might think there is a joining fee for this group? I know it's voluntary -  but will they?

I remember when we had to agree too receive notification via email when people responded to comments. Is that still the case, following the upgraded system, for new members?

I can't remember seeing a comment from any of the new members that have joined recently.:iiam: so I'm wondering whether or not they have found what they joined for or if they haven't managed to navigate the system:rofl:

New member list from the last 5 or 6 weeks :-   



new members.jpg

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As a fairly recent newbie plus @Josimarsz, we have both agreed that this website is like Hampton maze , incredibly complicated, and that without Wizard @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) and Sorceress @Canny lass I would have given up long ago. It is NOT user-friendly for initiates. Veneration to the First Lord and Lady of Bedcouk , doffing my simple (non iridescent) straw hat to your sagacity 😁😁🌈xxx

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I agree ... it is a bit of a maze.  Say a newby Googles "Bedlington", then selects the .co.uk choice they land on the Home Page with its recent content displayed.  However, to get to the Forums (IMO the most useful part of the site) they have to choose Discussions ... a tad convoluted.  I reckon most newbies come here looking to do some family history research only to be presented with local news stories ... it's not OBVIOUS where the heritage stuff is.  Maybe some simple relabelling might help ... perhaps BOLD buttons saying 'Discussion Forums' with another saying 'Town History' directing newbies to the more interesting places, perhaps the reasons they came here in the first place.  Just a thought and in no way a moan.

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You've got some good ideas there. I've often thought that the information about the various forums and the areas they cover would be a good starting point for anybody who 'just happens to drop in'. Like Symptoms said, this is in no way a moan. I also think a forum for queries and tips about how to use the site would be a good thing. It would save us clogging up the other forums. Perhaps a FAQ forum could be useful.

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