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Viktor Orban


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Why is everyone in the eu slating him, he's just telling the truth people haven't been reading he's bill properly which was passed in the Hungarian parliament by a majority I think what he says is the truth & lots of people just get on the bandwagon 

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Good morning @Tonyp - if we had been sitting in a pub, with pint, and you had of asked me about Viktor Orban I would have replied - no idea who he is🙂.

Sitting at the old PC, outside the eu 😱 , with Google available, then it's easy to find out who he is, and what he is saying, but I'm quite happy sorting out what's what in the UK without trying to understand what's really behind what any politician, from any country and any political party, is broadcasting to their public or the rest of the world.

It must be easier to follow politics in the UK as they have CCTV in the cabinet offices👁️ :-


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