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Keith Batey

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2 minutes ago, Keith Batey said:

I have just gone back to the start when i first received the message, this was on the 7th April the message said nextstep has sent you a message, i read the message and looked at the picture. When i went back into the message the next day i had a screen come up saying ( cannot locate the item you are trying to view) error code 2s136/c contact us. But i did not get any further i don't know if this will help


Unfortunately I can't help - @Andy Millne may have a list of Error Codes with what each one means.

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1 hour ago, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

Roseanne - I have searched the group and can't find any photos of the Graves family.

I can see the post from 'nextstep' (Frank Hutton - December 2009) posted in the Friends and Family section but there are no photos posted, just a request for Keith Batey to PM him :-


Thank you very much, Alan, another stab in the dark xx

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4 hours ago, Keith Batey said:

Andy Millne

That does not sound good i assume not to be seen again once deleted

Thanks for everyone's help👍

@Keith Batey Hi, Keith, after 💬 with Josephine this morning suggest you follow up “Mona Taylor Maternity Home “- lots of mentions on this Bedlington forum. Stannington being the significance xx

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