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Bedlington War Memorial Front Street


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A post about the Bedlington Memorial on the Front Street at Bedlington was posted on the Bygone Bedlington site recently.  The North East War Memorial Project (NEWMP) web site has compiled short stories of the soldiers listed on that Memorial however, several soldiers have not yet been identified, these are W Burns, G Crozier, R Hunter, E Martin, A Mitchison, R Peebles, G Peebles, W Sanderson and J Gilby (Gilroy). If anyone has information about these brave soldiers can you please make contact so the NEWMP can complete the stories for this Memorial.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I have been helping the North East War Memorial Project providing research and stories of Soldiers who died in the Great War. The names I listed are the ones I can not positively identify. Unfortunately, we only have an initial to work with which adds to the difficulty.   I have tried all  the the usual sources.  I was aware of the Poppy Map which was a great initiative, but not sure if they have any detail behind the names.  I was hoping a family might recognise some of the names.  

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