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Councillor Crosby - Cambois Primary School

Bill Crosby

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As many of you will be aware, Cambois Primary School suffered a break in last month which caused significant damage and resulted in IT equipment used by pupils being stolen.

It was a shocking incident and Councillors Robinson, Wallace and I, were united in wanting to do something to help. Having spoken to the Headteacher we agreed to each provide £500 from our Councillor allowances.

This £1 500 will help to ensure  that the school can replace equipment as quickly as possible and also provide more opportunities for children to be learning IT skills. 

I would like to think this is a small contribution to the fantastic community spirit that was shown in response to what happened.

I was pleased to see on this occasion that the perpetrator was quickly apprehended by Northumbria Police and given a custodial sentence.

I do hope that the individual in question reflects on the disgust that the local community felt about his mindless actions.

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4 hours ago, rosco said:

Nice gesture by yourselves but has the scumbag paid any compensation/fines towards the damage and items stolen.....or is/was it a fine which we all know will never be paid

I do believe that 'young first offenders' should be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.  Most of us will have done something that affected the lives of others when we were young, naive, and still growing up.  

I am all for making scumbags compensating their victims but unless the relevant scumbags have bank accounts etc with the funds available to compensate their victims it will never happen as the scumbags will more than likely only deal in cash.

So like any fines compensation will never be paid and it will cost the taxpayer for the admin costs to set up and try and collect payments.

Plus we will pay for them to be kept in prison so I'm afraid the only solution I could have for making scumbags think twice about damaging any childs education is to use their bodies to fertilise the earth.    

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