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Silly things you thought were true when you were kids

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On 25/08/2020 at 15:48, Tonyp said:

I remember been told by other kids not to go in the farmers field or he'll shoot you, I actually believed this for years happy days 

With a jelly gun............ whatever that was. Bats on top of pit heap when in tin shelter was a happy days experience..... :wacko:

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 This phase comes to mind when a sweet or an item of food is dropped. Don't pick it up and eat it 'The Devil has Kissed it'. A good one to teach the grandkids cause it still applies.

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Another one remember going for walks with my mum or dad,it seemed like miles looking back now it wasn't. But I remember saying how long to go now?  "Just around the corner they replied." Long bloody corners lol

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