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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

Netherton lasses ?

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@Canny lass - shot in the dark - photo posted by ex Netherton Colliery lass Ellenor Owen (don't know what her maiden name was).
Can you name any of this group?
  • Alan Brady
    Alan Brady They look like Netherton lasses.
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    Ellenor Owen
  • Ellenor Owen Wish I knew names def , Netherton lasses

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36 minutes ago, Canny lass said:

 2 and 4 are vaguely familiar but I can't put a name to them just yet. Any idea what year this is? It's not my age group.

Unfortunately not - I have asked the question but as yet no response from Ellenor Owen.

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On 01/08/2020 at 19:46, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

@Canny lass - @Bedlingtonian - I asked Ellenor  for the approximate year of the photo . Ellenor says she struggles with dates and her responses to my questions have been :-


Ellenor Owen
Ellenor Owen Alan Edgar A little bit older than me just be guessing AnnAustin 4 sorry but I'm sure someone will recognise a few on fb
Ellenor Owen Alan Edgar Alan I started infants early 1944 & by that photo I say it was probably 2 yrs earlier not much more the few I can recall my age then would be Sheila Tatlock Ellen Lynskey Kathy Gregg

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