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West Sleekburn Colliery Photos 1950s?

Eddie Yarrow

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Thanks Eddy,for confirming my memoirs of the High Pit,John Dickinson and John Wardlow were the two I started working with on Transport,and when they both went for face-training down the new Top Busty Drift, Old Ned Cushing came to me and said aam getting ye a new Marra,Wilma,and he seems a reet canny young lad,and a think ye two will get alang great.....

So on the Monday Morning ,ye came in wi aad Ned,and mind,wi DID get on great!!

Sorry,Alan,drifting again,but aal see if a can post this picture of an article which was common ti every miner,in the country...in latter years!

Eddy,can ye mind your number of your Baths Locker key,at the High Pit? ...mine was 294.[was yours 239?...where have a got that from?!!]

Mind,this was my last Pit Baths Locker key from Ashington Pit  which closed in 1987..and aa was med redundant.[A stll have it for posterity!]


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3 hours ago, DavidAtStakeford said:

My second day on this forum and I came across Grundy Yarrow's name. It sounded familiar so I checked my family tree and there was his name. His mother  Martha Hodgetts and my grandfather Enos Hodgetts were brother and sister.

Small world.



@DavidAtStakeford -I don't think there have been any additional names added to Eddie yarrows photos but if there are then they will be in the Album we created for for them. The Album is in Page 2 of the Galley>Historic Bedlington>West Sleekburn Colliery photos. 

Direct link to the Album :- 


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