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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

A Sun Dial for Bedlington

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West Bedlington Town Council 2019 - Autum Newsletter - https://westbedlington.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/3.-Autumn-2019-Residents-Newsletter-FINAL.pdf


gave info on a Sun Dial for the Bedlington Market Place.


Today - John Krzyzanowski posted this photo, and comment,  on the Facebook group - Bygone Bedlington 

I know this isn't historical yet but for those of you who no longer live in Bedlington I thought I would show you this new sundial on Bedlington Front street. designed and made by a Bedlington man. I think it's a fantastic piece of art that I would definitely stop and look at if in another town on holiday. Apparently Mr Moss spent 4 years on it. Photo courtesy of John Fox.


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Wouldn't mind one of those in my garden! Love it! The whole design just screams BEDLINGTON, from the terrier to the winding gear!

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I only noticed this for the first time yesterday - probably because of limited reasons to be passing - looks really good from the photos. I didn't realise what it was as I was driving past - its tucked out of the way a little, shame it couldn't be somewhere a bit more prominent. Very nice addition though.

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