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Malcolm Robinson

Councillor Robinson - Rail Link.

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Having seen some of the threads and replies to the news about the new rail link I’m a bit surprised at what is being talked about but not shocked, being as most has a political bent.  Having been promised this for many many years it must come as a shock to some to see the current NCC administration actually starting to deliver it.

Most of the professional people I have spoken to about this see it as the biggest opportunity for socio/economic regeneration this area has seen for decades and that would be my take on the subject because I see this as a conduit not just for easier access to central Newcastle and nationwide, but to get people/visitors into our Town.  Of course we now have to build up our own USP’s and actually compete for any new opportunities this will create and for that we need innovation and a clarity of thinking, not political dogma!

Whilst I cannot claim any credit for the impetus this has now built up, apart from backing and promoting it at every opportunity, I will claim that the Bedlington Independent councillors have made sure Bedlington gets its station in the very first tranche!  Also the people who should be thanked for their consistent lobbying and promotion of this project are SENRUG.

It’s a rare opportunity and we should be grabbing it with both hands not talking it down.  Of course there is some downside but measured against a huge potential upside that pales into insignificance in my book.


The insincere angst some have created about the finances beggars belief because they know full well the £1.5M is only to help with making the business case and detailed planning needed to bring the project to fruition.  On top of this NCC have put something like £34M into the medium term budget to make this happen.  With a total costing of around £100M it would seem a determined statement of intent! The Eagle

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