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Canny lass

Happy New Year 2020

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Good morning all you lovely people!

How are we all feeling this fine morning?  Honest  replies only!

Myself, 1-2 and hoping for = by lunchtime.


Hangover scale, Very British Problems Volume III Still Awkward, Still Raining (Rob Temple).jpg

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On 01/01/2020 at 07:51, Canny lass said:

Any New Year resolutions waiting to be broken?

PS. Happy birthday 3g!



Just tried that but on one leg I fell over - or was it the Muckle Flugga:)?

Can't remember ever making a New Year resolution; so I have never broken one.:rolleyes:

All the best to you and family CL.

ps - every ones eyesight should be ok this year:thumbsup:

Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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Happy New Year to all me Marra's on this great forum!

Noo! Canny Lass,ahem,[cough cough!],me being a clean-living lad,who nivvor smoked ,nivvor drank,nivvor gammelled,a can HONESTLY say....aam 0 on the shaggy dog scale!....except aam buggaad wi aad age in me bones!!

My New Year's Resolution..[same as last year but broke it for domestic reasons..]...Aam determined ti get oot more on me Bike,since this time last year,a did 40-odd miles,and that was gaan for MOT, and CBT!!!

Aav written it on me calendar as weel as me second resolution,and that is ti try and write more of me book,which a started in 2009!!

Aav been advised by a published Author who me Wife and me met doon Cammis a few days ago,a luvly friendly aad Lady caaled Mary Bowmaker,who has three books on Amazon,and is busy wi a fourth book.

She was enthusiastic when a telt her a was writing me life story from a wee bairn,growing up from the late1940's,ti aal me experiences doon the coalmines.

SO!...it's here in black n white!...we'll see hoo things gaan at yem!

Aal thi best folks!

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