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Malcolm Robinson

Councillor Robinson - New Memorial Plaque at West Lea Cemetery.

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I said I would write a thank you to the people who helped make the Commemorative Plaque at the West Lea Cemetery possible.

Some might not know but West Lea Cemetery in Bedlington is a nationally recognised War Graves site and with this in mind I came up with this design for a commemorative plaque which could be attached to the entrance.

With over 28 graves directly attributed to the second world war and many more annotations on family graves mainly attributed to the first world war it was time we saw a permanent memorial plaque.

Taking my idea and design down to Mike Robertson and his innovative team at Barrington Metals they came up with an all metal plaque which exactly matched my expectations. After a whirlwind week it was produced and fitted in time for Remembrance Day.

Thanks go to Tony and Stephen, NCC cemetery management, and also the CeO of NCC who I needed special permission off to pay for the project.

I am especially grateful for the kind words and recommendations off so many people in our community when they have seen this new plaque.

With a new Friends of West Lea Cemetery group I can only see this usually forgotten and neglected important local asset improve and become something we can all take pride in.


dsc_0087-copym.jpg?w=150&h=100 dsc_0090-copyz.jpg?w=150&h=96 dsc_0093-copy.jpg?w=150&h=101
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On 14/11/2019 at 16:47, Malcolm Robinson said:

Some might not know but West Lea Cemetery in Bedlington is a nationally recognised War Graves site

I didn't know that, Malcolm. The commemorative plaque is a lovely idea and the design is just perfect. Thanks for taking the initiative to make it happen.

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