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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

Happy New Year - 2019

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The year is 2019

The date is January 1st

This planet is Earth.

I offer this information from the kindness of my heart to all those who may be wondering this morning. 

Happy New Year everyone (and Happy Birthday 3g).

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Happy New Year.

Why does fifty years seem to have gone past so quickly.

Old age is the answer.

Where were  you when the moon landing happened .?

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Was never sure which planet I was on in those days.  Checked my records and find on the 16th July 1969 (2.32 pm GMT +1) I was probably (down pit)  at Kellingley Colliery.  Did I miss anything!

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16 hours ago, Maggie/915 said:

Where were  you when the moon landing happened .?

I was renting a bedroom in a house in Forest gate, London E7.

Neither the landlady or the other one bedroom tenant had a TV so the three of us watched it on my rented set.

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Every summer a load of us lads* spent a month or so staying in Keswick (in the town's camping site) basically getting p*ssed and funding it all through our weekly SS Giro sent 'poste restante'  from the SS Office ( in Bedders Council Offices on Front St) to Keswick post office ... it was for 4 guinees or £4.4s.  We were all in the Woolpack pub in Keswick watching the moon landing and getting p*ssed - the pub was operating a 'lock-in'.

Anyone who was 15+ and still in full-time education could 'sign-on' with the SS during the school holidays and get the the Giro;  if you were at home you had to go into the SS and sign a green card to collect the Giro.  But, if you said you were going on holiday, but were prepared to return if a job was found for you, you could arrange to have the Giro sent to a forwarding address, hence Keswick Post Office.  We operated this weeze for about 4 years every summer.  It's funny, but years later when I was in my early 60s I applied for an old age pension forcast - they sent me a list of my history of NI contribution and I got 3 years of credit due to this signing-on weeze.  I'm amazed they kept the records.

*some of those lads are members of this forum or have been rediscovered through it.

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For me 1969 was living and working away from home.

On the night of the 20th (blast off was the 16th) I recall thinking its time to get home and watch tv on the rediffusion set .No signal on anything else.

I recall a glass or two of rice wine. Underfloor central heating was a good start for the wine. The mix with three days of stirring then seven days to go before the Demi John was needed .

History or Herstory. The decades roll on and when you have lived through seven it all becomes a story in itself.

Trouble is that ,maybe , no one is too interested.

Troubke at ‘Mill’ and current problems take     over.

i agree with Billy Connelly ‘Life becomes an adventure’ at this advanced old age


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