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Hello from Canada,


 My name is Bradford Brown and I live in Lethbridge Alberta Canada. My Father James King Brown DOB Oct 29/18 and my grandfather John Brown Dob 1897 are from Bedlington and my grandfather was one of nine boys from there that worked in the mines. His fathers name was Matthew.  My grandfather lived on South Row ( Station Road ) when my father was born. My dad had a cousin Tom Brown who worked for British Rail he has since passed. Any Brown's still out there I would love to hear from you. Legend has it the Brown boys set a record for the most coal shoveled in one day in one of the the mines ( I think it was the Bedlington Colliery Pit A) at the time.  

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@Bradford - there is a web site - http://www.dmm.org.uk/mindex.htm that has gathered information on all the coal mines within Northumberland and Durham.

The above link will take you to the cover page and there is an index for the site down the left hand side. Selecting 'Mines' will give you the alphabetic index list A to Z . The Bedlington 'A' pit is under Bedlington Colliery - opened 1838.Project3.jpgWhen you are searching for info on the 'A' pit you may encounter the name Sleekburn. The area where the 'A' pit was opened was known as Sleekburn before a railway line, that serviced all the local coal mines, came into use in 1850. I don't know when the area name changed to Bedlington Station.

This is a link to the railway station named Bedlington on the 'Disused Stations site :-  


Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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@Symptoms - posted this in relation to a previous question about the 'A' pit :- The banner was commissioned in 1949 by the Bedlington 'A' Colliery Combined Levy Fund Committee;  the pit was also known as Sleekburn 'A' and originally the  'Auld Pit' when the first shaft was sunk in back in1838.  So, it's the same pit ... perhaps, some of the old boys just continued to call it Sleekburn Pit after Nationalisation.

Sleekburn A.jpg

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@Bradford - I know this doesn't help with locating members of the Brown family but this is an aerial shot, 1924, of the 'A' pit with one half of South Row in the shot and a 1924 map extract showing the two terraces of South Row :- 

A Pit aerial shot 1924 with names (2).jpg


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@Bradford - I can't remember ever having seen a photo of what we called the 'Top Half' of South Row. I have a vague recollection of the row but can't remember if it was demolished in the late 50's or early 60's. The Top Half was opposite Pioneer Terrace and ended at the Pit Managers house that is now the Holmside Residential Care Home.576598027_TopHalf.thumb.jpg.9dddbb3ccbf56d21b7e3175f7d699f52.jpg

The 'Bottom Half' of South Row, where some of my mates grew up in in the 60's  was No 1 to No 27. The following image is a Then (1970) & Now (2018) of the Bottom Half.

I am speculating (as I can't remember) that the front of the South Row houses was refaced. This image shows the back lane of Nos 1 to 27 and it has been confirmed as South Row as we have identified the other buildings in the photo. You can see the backs of the houses are built with stone and not matching the 1970 image showing bricks.   

Station Road.jpg

South Row c1966.jpg

South Row 1966+ info.jpg

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4 hours ago, Bradford said:

Thank you so much for this Alan. I truly appreciate you finding these great photo's of where my family's from, Cheers!



Brad Brown

The photos are easy Brad - the old ones of South Row are posted on the Bedlington Facebook groups - Bygone Bedlington & Bedlington remembered. Both are closed groups so non members are unable to view the postings etc.

Can't help you with any info on the Brown family. I'm not into genealogy. There is a free web site, called FreeBMD that many use to track down relatives. Web address is https://www.freebmd.org.uk/

This is a very straight forward site that doesn't direct you to any other historical records, just the Biths , Marriages & Deaths records.

The Registrars office for Bedlington in the 19th and early 20th century was Morpeth, Northumberland.

A simple search on the Free BMD site :-

FreeBMD search.jpg


returns the basic info :-


Returned info from search.jpg

and from that info you can request a copy of the relevant certificate from the registrars office - used to be just under £10 sterling per copy.

Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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