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Emma Cuthbert

Milburn (?) Grocers, East Hartford

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Hello all, 

I'm a new member, born and raised in Cramlington. I'm trying to find out anything I can about the grocers' stores my great-great-grandfather used to own in East Hartford. His name was William Milburn - I don't know when the shop was opened but I think it closed down in the 1930s. I've tried google and poring over old maps, but no luck so far. Has anyone come across it in their research?

Many thanks in advance


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Welcome @Emma Cuthbert - can't recall any photos or info on East Hartford having been posted on the site.

Entered "East Hartford" into the 'Search Box' - top right of the screen and the few comments that were returned only reference East Hartford - no info.


I think the only old photo from east Hartford that I have seen is the one on the Durham Mining Museum site showing a small bit of the village with the colliery behind. Link to the Hartford Colliery page is :- 



Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

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