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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

Mr John Short - Bedlington Collieries Engineer - late 19th century

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The above, found whilst 'Silver Surfing' by Billy Embleton, has been posted on the Bedlington remembered Facebook group.

We don't have any info other that what is printed on the document.

Just to ensure that if anyone uses the 'Search' facility looking for info that this document may hold here are some phrases from the document ;

Mary Ann Short - Golden Wedding 1851 - 1901  & .... we cannot refrain from mentioning your gallan effort in trying to rescue two hundred and four brothers entombed in the Hartley pit and it ministers to our pride to feel that "John Short" is written on the scroll of heros..........................


I did have a Google of the Hartley pit disaster but I can't find any reference, from that Google, of John and Mary Short.

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John Elliot McCutchen’s book “The Hartley Colliery Disaster” refers to John Short and tells us that he was the engine - wright at the colliery and led the first rescue operation. He also gave evidence at the inquest.

Edited by Andy Millne
Book title correction requested by author
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