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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

Doyle's shop - Stead Lane

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@Vic Baldry - I thought I had remembered a posting with a photo of Doyles shop, Stead Lane but I couldn't find the posting I was thinking of.

There is however this photo of the shop before it was called Doyle's = Boyle's shop with this comment from Ann Doyle off the Bedlington Facebook group :- 

'This photo was taken outside of Boyle's shop on Stead Lane across the road from Puddlers Row, the shop then belonged to my husbands Great Aunt Grace Boyle the lady on the right of photo, when Grace passed away his Granny Winifred Creigh took over she is the lady on the left they were sisters. The young girl seated Margaret was then aged about 15 the daughter of Winifred, she later married a Tom Doyle and her and her hubby took over the shop and was known as Doyle's Shop Stead Lane. The shop eventually closed in 1980 and I believe to this day the bus stop is still known as Doyle's Shop although it is a house now.'

Boyle's shop Stead Lane.jpg

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Two great old pics!..Doylies...that's a blast from the past!..my Wife remembers Tommy and his Wife,when she lived at Puddlers Raa as a bairn.[..a just remember the shop but a didn't knaa thi owners..]

Nice ti see an aad cuddy hung onti thi Limma's..[Limbers-shafts...].

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