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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

Netherton Colliery Brass Band ?

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@Bandsman1966 :- a photo of an unknown brass band  posted on the Bedlington remembered Facebook group by Allan Smith.

A member, Joan Morland, has identified Arthur Brodie in the front row and I see that name appears in the Netherton Colliey brass band photos you have in your Netherton Colliey Band album .

Can you confirm this photo is the Netherton Colliery band and you can add it to your album.

Do you recognise any of these @Canny lass?


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Definitely Arthur Brodie, front row, 4th from the left, leaning on his euphonium. To the left of him (3rd from left) is, I believe, a very young Joe Grant from Clifton Row. A fantastic cornet player who often played the solo spot outside the council offices (where the judges sat) at the miner's picnic. He is the only specs- wearing member of the colliery band I have seen. Judging from his age this photo must be early fifties. Perhaps Joan Morland might remember him as well.

Other than those two there are only two others I recognise but can't put a name to them as yet.

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Netherton Colliery Brass Band members - c1941

Photo from Susan Hamilton - Facebook sixtownships group. Her Dad No 16 - Bill Hamilton

Ellenor Owen commented :- Looks like it's in the field behind Yard row and infant school must be on the right.

NCBB c1941 named.jpg

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Sorry I missed your earlier tag, for some reason my PC has blocked this forum and had been sending all notifications to spam, now using my phone some of the pics are hard to see.

The "unidentified" band in the first pic probably is Netherton, it might be my dad #30 without specs, but #28 is more likely and Hammy #31?

Susan's pic & list tagged my dad (Biff) at #16, certainly looks like him but if it is then it must be later than '41, born in 1933... he's a big lad for an 8 year old.


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Jimmy Mitchell was my Sister in law's Granda.. he became the BandMaster.. if he wasn't already that in these pictures. He was that good he could hear a piece of music on the radio and scribble the staff lines on a scrap of paper and quickly write the notation down with a view to playing it with the band! Luvly fella he was. 

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