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Ford House, Bedlington

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While checking some Probate records I came across the following address - Ford House, 2, St Cuthberts Crescent, Bedlington.  Having lived in Bedlington many years ago I do not recall this address.  Can anyone give me information on this.  Thanks

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On 2018-03-29 at 13:44, Rigger said:

The year was 1949.

I may have mislead you with my post. Ford House I've never heard mentioned. It's St Cuthbert's Crescent I'm looking for. The search is still ongoing but If I find it I'll post here. Perhaps you could do the same?

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The 1939 was a sort of census performed just before WW2 possibly prior to Identity cards being issued. Members of the McGlen family are actually listed within 3 relatively close addresses: St Cuthbert’s Tce, Millbank Cres and Beech Grove. However there are no results using St Cuthbert’s Crescent as the address.

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