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Happy Birthday Brian

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Happy Birthday Brian, hope you have a good day. No doubt it will be barbie weather over there, ah well have a pint for me.

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congrats on the day - I always regard the b/days as -- Ha ya b/tards  proved ya wrong again lol 

enjoy!! its mine on 26th 

and one for you CL - 


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Thank you my 'playmate marrow' (you have no idea the pictures that conjures up in my mind)! However, I already own such a fish though his name is Billy. He sings for me whenever i pass "Don't worry, Be happy'. I usually take his advice .

Now let Brian have his birthday page back without further disruption!

Sorry Brian!



Big Mouth Billy Bass.JPG

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totally agree with letting brain enjoy the day - although I now will have many sleepless nights regarding the term - playmate marrow'..

anyhows -- brian enjoy and blow out the candles 

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Thanks to all my mates I had a great birthday my wife and I went to Rainbow Beach for a quiet few days but Lo and behold my family showed up Sons daughters grand kids fantastic day 

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