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7 hours ago, pilgrim said:

Robert William service wrote a poem entitled Bessie's Boil, which is well worth a read. :lol:


on a more sombre note try Raw Recruit by same man.

Bessie's Boil is definitely worth a read. I'm having difficulty finding Raw Recruit on the Internet. Do you have you a link to it?

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Aye hinny an divint forget Fatty an Skinny. wor lass used ta  luv ta sing it ta the grandbairn 

"Fatty and Skinny went up in a balloon
Fatty let a fart off and blew Skinny doon!" :(

Poor owld skinny :lol:


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19 hours ago, pilgrim said:


ya idle sod lol - and Bessie's boil has always been favourite of mine - it goes down well at camp fire lol

Thanks Pilgrim!

Double standards indeed.It must be an odd position to find yourself in as Service's words tell us.

We've got a tricky one here as well: Military service at 18 years with all that entails regarding handling weapons and killing people. That's a big responsibility for an 18 year old. On the othet hand, they aren't deemed responsible enough to buy a can of beer until they are 20 years old! Makes you wonder!

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just as an aside - and I haven't done any shooting for many years - after Dunblane the old franchi spas became a section 1 firearm and the Baikal over/under was getting towards the end of its life - and as I have always tried to instil into the child - never kill anything unless you are going to eat it or it is an immediate threat, so now I rely on filling the freezers from local necessary culls. the child wants nowt to do with weapons although she lives in the rural environment and I have offered and indeed wanted her to learn some basic handling/use due to her travels, but its a no go area for her, even though some of her school mates and parents are avid shooters and own shoots.

But on the subject of firearms ---- I had a thought tother day - in the UK would a person who shows racist views,, has regular rants on twatter, and then does a 180 degree turn, and then has a very dubious attitude to sooooo many things etc etc - you can easily look at the rest regarding instances of instability - be granted a firearms certificate? -- perhaps not, yet the good old US of A has given the same type the big red nuclear button.

Ok the news here is that London has had more murders than NY (they don't split out gun deaths and knife deaths - although there is a problem re knives but the '3 inch law has been in many years) but that's really media hype - I get an incident report re USA and our figures are really minor overall per head of population and most UK incidents are domestic and ADULT domestic, not juvenile. its interesting to note that Denmark has the highest gun ownership but the lowest 'gun crime'

Maybe military service makes you more aware and responsible?

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Ehhh  a can rememba wor Goorty used ta recite  Harry Blackbarry when sha was a bairn, can ya rememba it :lol:

Poor owld Harry, nee luck at all :(

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