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Did you vote for Martin?


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Chief of cabinet of the Elected President of the European Commission Martin SELMAYR (L) and the elected president of the European Commission Jean-Claude JUNCKER 

Martin who?  Well the surname is Selmayr, and he's a 47-year-old German lawyer known as a "monster eurocrat", and the "Rasputin of Brussels".

Nothing to do with me you say...  well, not quite.  By some mysterious process he just became "Secretary General of the European Commission".  Still nothing to do with me you say, as he's not even in the European Parliament.  You'd be right there, as he's now the guy that heads the junta that hands down law for the European Parliament to rubber stamp - law which our great and good have "wisely" made transcendent to English law.  Understand why he's got a smirk on his face, and old Juncks is looking like... well... am I going to get away with this?

Why was this professional lawyer appointed by the Brussels mafia?  Well... "Mr Selmayr, who was previously Mr Juncker's chief of staff, is a vocal supporter of European federalism and one of the EU's most vehement opponents of Brexit."

Getting the plot now?



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We've just suffered an event very close to the election of a new President of the US of A.  In fact it's more relevant than that as last time I looked we were still an EU vassal state; so he's our president (or at least the principal one).  Tuning in to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation Thursday morning, I confidently expected Martin Selmayr to be headline news.  If his "appointment" was ever even mentioned in the morning program I must have dozed off again.  Ever expectant I tuned in to every BBC news bulletin throughout the day without any mention of the great event.  OK, this is sure to be featured on the in-depth Newsnight, I told myself.   Nope, not a proverbial dickey!  This adds to the long catalogue of the bias by omission and editorial selection that has characterised BBC coverage over the last decade or two, and which gets progressively worse.

To make up for the BBC's shyness in covering the event let me report second hand what one "highly surprised" EUrocrat is now on record as saying:


“..he takes all the power – completely!”

That's an interesting observation in respect of an organisation which is prefaced on taking power and holding on to it, no matter what!

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One commissioner who was present at the meeting where Selmayr was promoted later explained to me what happened (he spoke on condition of anonymity, which is in itself telling as he is supposed to be a heavyweight). They were called to a 9.30 a.m. meeting where Juncker presented them with nominations. Selmayr was named not as the Secretary-General, but as the deputy — a post that was known to be vacant. Selmayr’s promotion was unexpected, but Juncker assured them that all was above board.

Then came the coup de grâce. Having appointed Selmayr as deputy, Juncker announced that the Secretary-General — ltalianer — had resigned. So Selmayr, having been deputy for just a few minutes, would take his place from 1 March. ‘It was totally stunning,’ the commissioner told me. ‘We had witnessed an impeccably prepared and audacious power-grab.’ Before anyone else could find out about this unprecedented double-promotion, an email was sent out summoning journalists to the press conference — where Selmayr was confirmed. A fait accompli.

Why are the European Commissioners not making more of a fuss? Perhaps because Selmayr is preparing to give them a special present. Retiring commissioners are entitled to a generous ‘transition allowance’ of up to two-thirds of their basic salary for roughly two years, up to about €13,500 a month. Selmayr now plans to extend this to three, or perhaps even five, years. On top of the extra cash, they’d enjoy a series of benefits in kind: an office in the Commission headquarters (previously a perk to which only former presidents were entitled), a company car with a driver and two assistants. So thanks to Selmayr, a departing European Commissioner might receive double, if not triple, what he or she currently receives. All tax free, let’s not forget.

Selmayr’s manoeuvre would not have been possible without the complicity of Irene Souka, the European Commission’s Director-General of Human Resources. She has been amply rewarded for her efforts: last month, her job was extended beyond compulsory retirement age (as was that of her husband, Dominique Ristori, who is Director-General for Energy).


It's worth reading the full article.  If you don't think the above is an affront to European democracy then here's a Telegraph post from Chris Snuggs who appears to speak for many (including me):


Not ONE SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN has ever, anywhere voted on the EU's avowed intention and on-going project, the destruction of its members' national sovereignty in their absorption into a federal state.

This is a staggering and fascist situation. Fascist, because  a key element of fascism is an unelected elite imposing its unmandated will on a people.

For THIS reason in particular (among many others) I despise the people behind it all.


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Europe is waking up, so perhaps he isn't going to get away with it.  Seems there are rumblings about Junker facing corruption charges too.  That will surely be the day, as the Brussels mafia has always closed ranks in the past.

We look forward to the BBC coverage of all this; but there lies another scandal!

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Did you vote for Martin?

By threegee, February 22 in Chat Central





Why the bother threegee?



No one has paid any attention to what has been happening since becoming a European member state.









It was posted well before the Brexit Referendum decision was made, that it is better to stand & FXXXX. . .



Instead of going off in a huff!



How many more distractions, problems, Red herrings are being construed???

The Indiscriminate spread of Inciting, Insinuating, Instigating Information, lacking in substance = TRUMP-TRUTH Mk II

The circus being made around the 'PUTIN' Russians remains without facts.

Perhaps they have Fifth generation малая Piran'yato Subs. to circumnavigate British waterways, including lakes, reservoirs & supply pipes???

Those who voted leave, should carefully analyze the facts that they did not have before making their decision.

Everyone has a right to change their mind, nothing undemocratic about that.


Is the BREXIT process turning out as a complete waste of Time & Assets already???



It's not too late...

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