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Cobbledicks Shop - Ha'penny woods

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The following comment was posted on Facebook - Bedlington Remembered group :-

Lynne Watson This is the photo I mentioned the other day in a different thread. My aunt worked in Cobbledicks shop which is the one on the very right of the photo almost hidden. My Dad found this photo many years ago and got a copy made.



This image shows more of the building :-

Clock House 1899.jpg

Has anyone ever heard of Cobbledicks ?

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Reedy asked his dad, born 1928, and Reedy reported back with  :- Although before his time he thinks the building to the right of the clock house was a wages or timekeepers office. There was a shop on the Bebside bank on the opposite side of the bridge at the bottom of the hairpin bend run by a family called Munley.

Lynne Watson - replied -  Paul Reed thank you - that will be it. I do apologise for getting the shop in the wrong place 1f642.png🙂

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