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John Chave

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Looking for some help.  I have been researching soldiers from Bedlington who died in the First World War from those listed in the Record of Enlistments (original held at St Cuthbert's Church) and a copy avaibable on the NEWMP website.  There is one soldier on that list I cannot trace at this time.  The only information I have is the following :

John Chave. Corporal. West Yorkshire Regiment. Killed in Action. Living at Vulcan Place, Bedlington when he enlisted.

I have tried all the usual sources of information.  Chave is not a common name but does not yeld any leads.  Its possible his name was recorded incorrectly, I have tried combinations of his name.  Does anyone have any information or guidance on this soldier who was killed in action.  Thanks

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@Rigger - was the Bedlington Community Centre - Creatives Group, that have done a lot of research on Bedlington soldiers to create their 'Poppy Map' one of the usual sources you have tried?

They produced a list of Bedlington Soldiers' 'Poppy Map'  and I believe they have retained info that they uncovered in their research :-


Address: 60 W End Front St, Bedlington NE22 5UB
Phone: 01670 824141

Poppy map.jpg

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