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Barrington Colliery

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Barrington Colliery 1902. Not sure where this Colliery was in relation to Choppington.

Obviously this coronation mug has seen better daysIMG_4278.thumb.JPG.a0acf99257cfc4158bd7f5a8a2999110.JPGIMG_4279.thumb.JPG.99f7935ae9c844985f31f1e9e2779905.JPG

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Barrington Colliery = The Henry Pit. Choppington railwat station at the end of the Barrington Road, turn left for Bedlington Red Lion and right for Willow Bridge -  Choppington/Scotlandgate.

@Maggie/915 Ok if I share this photo with the Barnton folk on the Facebook group = Barrington, Barnt' n  memories and stuff!!



Barrington Pit.jpg

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